Projects Page

Below is a listing of in-process projects.

Physics Supercomputer Coding Project

Implement a numerical analysis program on the Cherry Creek supoer computer.  Requires learning Intel specific parallelism techniques.

Status:  New.  Open.
Contact:  Ed Jorgensen

Network Resources Database

Develop and implement a database to track network assets.  Includes a set of custom features for network assets.

Status:  New.  Open.
Contact:  Ed Jorgensen


The labGrader system allows immediate, automated scoring for interactive laboratory sessions.  Once the lab monitor reviews and accepts the students work, the students pre-assigned QR code is scanned and the labGrader system records the results.  This saves significant administrative effort on recording lab scores.  The initial version of the system was written in Ruby using Rails and will be open sourced (in process).

Status:  Open.  Initial version in production use.  Additional updates in process.
Contact:  Ed Jorgensen

Student Support Application

Design and develop a UNLV Student Support Application.  The application will help UNLV students find their way around the campus.  A key feature of this application would include the ability to login to MYUNLV (user provided username/password) and automatically download class schedule, with manual entry will be supported, and display a campus map with the applicable buildings over-layed with class name and time.  Additional features would include displaying walking directions and estimated time from current location (average walking pace), provide in-building directions to the specific class room for each class and directions to instructors office.

Status:  Initial design started, development pending.
Contact: Ed Jorgensen

QR Code Scavenger Hunt

Application that supports a QR Code Scavenger Hunt.  QR Codes would be placed in strategic locations and students would be asked to find them based on user provided criteria.  Such criteria might include basic location names (easiest), map coordinates, or clues (hardest).  When the student arrives at a location and finds the QR code, the student will scan it using a generic free QR code application.  When scanned, the student will be verified and the scan record the "check-in" for scoring purposes.  Instructors will be able to created, customized, and manage QR code scavenger hunts.  This could include multiple simultaneous QR code scavenger hunts.  The project is a Ruby on Rails web application with a web-based interface.  The project will be open sourced and available for public download.

Status:  Initial development in progress.
Contact:  Guymon Hall

Security Tools Project

Review current cyber security forensic tools.  Understand capabilities of current tools and evaluet for possible classroom use.

Status:  In process.
Contact:  Dr. H Berghel

Evaluate Teaching Operating System xv6

Obtain and implement the xv6 teaching operating system locally in a virtual machine.  Includes reviewing the virtual machine options (i.e., QEMU, Virtual Box, Bochs) and making an virtual machine recommendation.  Upon completion of local implementation, make extensions to the base system.  Extension include virtual memory, scheduling, locking, or file system.

Status:  In process.
Contact: Ed Jorgensen

Project InSight

Project inSight is an open source desktop application that converts the mathematical subset of SimBraille to MathML files that can be easily viewed, printed, and graded from a browser. Once inSight has finished, the file can be viewed as traditional mathematical characters by opening it with Firefox, which is a MathML compatible browser, or Google Chrome, which has an available plug-in that supports MathML.

Status:  Initial version developed and implemented in production.  Additional updates needed.
Contact:  Dr. A Stefik